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Spreading Peace, Mercy and Blessing
Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system which combines aquaculture and horticulture (Hydroponics). Aquaponics creates a symbiotic relationship between fish and plants.
The nutrient rich water from the fish tank is pumped through the grow bed containing gravel instead of soil which acts as a natural filtration system. The cleansed water then drains back into the fish tank and the process repeats. As a result the plants grow rapidly and healthily with continuous access to all the nutrients they need.
We are now on trial our Pilot Aquaponics System which contains 2 type of Growbed (Media Grow Bed and Nutrient Film Technique). Fish Tank Capacity is 1200 Liters and area for grow beds is about 10 m2. The Pilot Aquaponics System is located in Jl. Kudus no. 84 GKB Gresik
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